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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Which 40k Army Do You Want Next?

So as it is a release of a WFB army today in the way of the Vampire Counts I tough to myself about all the rumours I've seen circling the blogosphere recently about the next armies coming. Thearmies that seem to be next for release are Black Templars, the Tau, Chaos and Eldar. Now my question to you is which would you rather see hitting the shelves next?

I think what most excites me about coming release is the quality in miniatures seems to be getting better. I'm not saying quality in production, Finecast being a major fail in some cases but seems to be passing now which is great, but the designs and actual product seem to be just getting better with every release. Dark Eldar for example have a fantastic range now I think and the miniatures are great. I really do look forward to any models from any of those armies just to see how they turn out. The release schedule seems to be pretty all over the place with the latest one I saw was that Eldar were to be next with 6th edition (seemingly the only thing with a solid release period of around june/july) after them. I find this interesting being that most of the rumours have been mainly Tau and Black Templar related. But I think they would be choice for release next as I love the Eldar range and would love to see it get an update and with the fluff of 4k going the way it is I would love to see Eldar then 6th then obviously Codex Space Marines the Chaos to see how the story goes.

The only thing that worries me is that I'm gonna turn into a 'ooo look at the shiny new Codex' kinda person haha. I haven't even properly started my Necrons and I'm still looking at the rumours thinking 'Oh I might start a Chaos or Eldar army when they are released' haha. I'm going to try and resist and get through what I have and then start my next one. My aim I think is to get a 2000 point army painted for both my Imperial Fists and my Necrons before I move on to the next thing haha.

One think I will finish with is how do you think these Codices are gonna look in a competitve standpoint? With Necrons I think you have a good balanced Codex that brings up some exciting things do you hope for another Necron Codex for these releases or would you prefer the more 'broken' Grey Knights? More than likely if it is your chosen army you would like the latter but I think the Necron Codex is competitive enough and fun enough to be a good thing for all new releases.  Let it be known that I am still a noob and anything I say about competitive should be taken lightly as I don't know much about what I am talking about but am just making an observation. Anyone who knows what they are talking about please correct me if I am wrong.

So which would you like to see next? Will you jumping on any of these releases?

Let me know and thanks for reading.

Warflake Out.

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  1. My main army is Chaos Marines and the one I've just started is Eldar so any of those two getting a release this year would be great.

  2. Can understand that, I'd also like Dark Angels get some love to.

  3. Haha wow. Well this should be a good year for you. I think I like the sound of the way Chaos is shaping up, nice one.

  4. I'm trying to finish up my Black Templars (for 1 year now lol!). Will be starting on Tau next :)

  5. I won't be starting any new armies, got to stick to the four I have or the wife will kill me lol. I have to agree with you, putting Finecast aside, the latest run of mins have been fantastic. I am really loving the new Necron stuff, and hope the second wave of toys are just as good. As for the next Codex, I am happy to let Tau have theres before my Eldar Dex, they really need it and I have a slightly disheartened Tau player friend. One thing that I am hoping for with a new Eldar release, is some plastic Warp Spyders and a nice multi part Wraith Gaurd kit. Most of the other Eldar minis are pretty good that I can think of now anyway!

  6. Haha yeah I must admit as I buy more and more stuff the girlfriend is getting more and more annoyed with where the moneys going haha. Yeah Tau do deserve a decent boost I think as well probably most out of any of the ones in line to be updated. I do agree Eldar already have fantastic kits but that doesn't mean they couldn't be better haha.

  7. I know the feeling bud I'm just finishing up my Imperial Fists which has taken about the same with the amount of changes I keep making.




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