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Monday, 6 February 2012

Come Play Space Marine With Me

So I recently got my own steam after using the girlfriends for a long while and christened it by buying Space Marine. Awesome game, love it. Would love to get you guys on there with me.

So if you have steam and Space Marine and fancy having a game let me know.

Alternatively just add me on steam my names warflake on there, I'll more than likely add to my collection fairly soon after playing on a lot on the girlfriends account.

Small post really but just thought I'd ask if you guys wanted to add me on steam and we could get playing some games.

By the way it's on sale on Steam so if you don't have it's super cheap right now along with all things Dawn of War.


Warflake Out.


  1. I'm HC118 on Steam and just got it yesterday too with a couple of DLC skins. I also play TF2 if that's your thing.

  2. Yeah man love TF2, I added ya.




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