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Thursday, 9 February 2012

New Network Additions #1

So I've bought this up before but thought I might as well create a series out of it so here goes.

This first one will show more than usual being the first one but I will post these with every four/five new members.

Before we continue I would appreciate it if you check them all out as they all seem like great blogs/sites.

First up we have this is his tagline: 'A blog dedicated to the lesser known Blob guard for the Warhammer 40,000 game system, Although it will still get posts about my mech guard, their stories and the like, maybe even the odd marine post!'

Next is alot of variety and great stuff. Tagline:'My wife thinks I am having a second child but actually I never left the first one.

Next is who last posted about Epic. Tagline: 'Random wargaming waffle. Covering all sorts, from Games Workshop's Warhammer and Warhammer 40k to lesser played' but nonetheless still great, Epic Armageddon. Other games systems include Dystopian Wars, Blood Bowl and Warmachine...Anything that takes my fancy.

Next is which doesn't have a tagline except 'A wargaming blog and community' which I support so please go check them out. They post on a variety different games systems but Games Workshop products seem  to be the main feature.

Next is again no tagline but I also highly recommend you check this blog out, he's currently doing a Deathwing army and it is looking absolutely fantastic so far. Great painter and also has a cool post on a home made  lightbox you should check out.

Next is long time supporter of this site and I'm pretty sure we started around the same time. Excellent blog and a regular poster of good content. He has some crazy posts and has posts showcasing some of the communities work, check it out. Oh I forgot to mention, he's a Panda...

 Next we have tagline:'An attempt to document my hobby experiences and have a little fun along the way' nicely said. He's currently working on some cool looking blood angels you should check out.

Next we have tagline:'Warhammer 40k blog for the playing of various armies and everything in between'. Last posted about some cool looking chaos there working on, I think they need a jump start in views/support to get them posting again, lets give that a go ?

Next is tagline: 'This site is dedicated to the strange goings on in my gaming mind. These vary from the war raging in the 1870's setting for the Dystopian Wars setting to the Varcan Cluster itself and the various factions involved. I will basically use this site as an outlet for what creative ideas come to mind, and to seek advice, and hopefully give it too. Posts about 40k, Dystopian Wars and Warmachine/Hordes.

Lastly no tagline but posts predominately on tournament related matters. Expect great lists, latest tourney info and battle reports. Great stuff.

And that is all for this time, there were a lot and I appreciate all of you for joining the network and hope it helps you out.

To the rest of you, please check these out and maybe join yourselves? Maybe you see your blog/site already added? If so please think about adding my logo to your site.

Much appreciated.

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Warflake Out.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Much appreciated!

  2. No problem, thanks for joining the network.

  3. Cheers Warflake for adding The Chaos Manifesto to your site. Double cheers for the way you described my blog as it put a smile on my furry blood stained face.

  4. As the others have said thanks very much for adding my blog appreciate it good sir :)

  5. Thanks for the shout out Warflake! I really appreciate the compliment about my painting style as well! Hopefully the Deathwing will finish up soon! Thanks again! I'll definitely be a regular here.

  6. And I appreciate your support, thank you.

  7. Greatly appreciated, hope to see your comments on my paintjobs then haha.

  8. Thanks for the shout out :D




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