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Friday, 9 March 2012

Crimson Fist Librarian in Power Armour

So I go this in the mail a couple of days ago and just got done painting him and just need to add details in the way of writing some scriptures, add some washes and clean up all the chips and give it a coat of varnish but other than that I like how he came out.

It is a metal miniature which is becoming a thing of the past for GW, if there's a couple things I'd say I don't like about metal it's how heavy it is and how easily the paint chips.

I will re-base this guy also as I feel he needs a bit more of a special base so looking out for one. If you could post a good place to get a 25mm hero base it would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. I'm with ya on the metal models and how they chip. I find it frustrating how often my Wraithguard end up tipping over and then seeing a new chip I have to fix. If they can ever fix their quality control regarding Finecast, having much lighter models would be a huge step forward.

    Krisken of Scratchbuilt 40k

  2. Does not help when you constantly drop it while painting it also.

  3. I've actually drilled a hole in the feet and inserted a pin so I can use a 5 lb table vice to hold my mini. Makes dropping it much tougher!

    Krisken of Scratchbuilt 40k

  4. Nice mini, I like him. eBay is always good for bases




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