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Monday, 12 March 2012

Forge World New Release:Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine

Just got the newsletter through and wow! Just wow! This thing looks absolutely fantastic!

It has a very good Chaos look to it but not to much which I like, kinda looks like a mini titan.

The price also I think is fairly reasonable when you consider the size of it (pictured below) the price being £35 for the body.

Me wants....

Personally Dreadnoughts are one of my favourite things in 40k and when Forge World released the Contemptor I thought that was excellent and then they released the Relic version which I thought looked even sweeter and now they release this and I think this tops it personally. The design is excellent and they have out done themselves once again.


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  1. I'm curious on how it compares in size to a GK Dread Knight. Looks fairly close from what I can see. Thoughts?

  2. I would say around the same height if not a little shorter, the Dreadknight is taller than the Contemptor so I would say around the same height.

  3. Such a sexy model. I agree about the design. I like things Chaosy but not over the top and this one nails that.

  4. Hmmm this ma just be the icing on the evil donut that I was looking for....{rubbing my fingers together feverishly as I let out a howl of a laugh]....Yes this pretty will do just fine....just fine....fine....




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