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Thursday, 15 March 2012

So I Won Some Grey Knights

As the title states I recently got through the post a package sent by the NoobHammer podcast which I won through there twitter followers giveaway. Being that I 'never' win anything I was really ecstatic when I heard I'd won and couldn't care less if it was a wet towel tied to a stick but was really happy with what I got and thought I'd show you.

As you can see the quality is fantastic and I'm glad to see no damage has been done even after the lengthy travel from the U.S.A.

I have been looking through the Grey Knights codex and realised that these were Interceptors and then thought about how they could be used if I were to make a Grey Knights force which after seeing these I am very tempted and I couldn't not play these guys. So I'm thinking about how I could use them but I'm pretty sure I'd use them in reserve to come on and cause some trouble. The great thing I can see about them is how far they can travel, there personal teleporters should be fun.

Obe last plug for they are great podcast and are one of my favourites out of the many podcasts I listen to be sure to check them out.

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