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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Games Workshop Makes The News

Many of you may have already seen this but I thought I would share this.

If you first of all watch the video it shows a very brief outlook of a game of Warhammer 40k from a fan. This doesn't really say much at all.

The article at first just gives and overview of all that GW is which all of you already know I should imagine so also not very interesting but nice to see all the same.

One thing I noticed that I really didn't appreciate it is of all the painted miniatures they managed to pick some really poorly painted ones. I know I'm not the best painter in the world and not claiming to be but every time I visit my local GW I see kids painting painting better than some of what is shown. Just bothered me by not really showing it at it's 'best' I guess.

Now we come to the end of the article that shows two fans of the game complaining about the cost of the hobby. This was going to be inevitable and was interested to read on about this. This I find interesting 'Several players say they feel exploited. "You need at least £200 just to set up a half-decent legal army for a game, and if you want a board and scenery to go to play with friends you're looking at least £200 on top of that," says Craig Lowdon, 25, of Crewe' I think it's more than that if you consider not playing more than say 1000 points unless you ebay it of course. 

Then they asked Chief Executive Officer Mark Wells about his opinion on the accusations of 'price exploitation' this is what he said 'That would go against everything we stand for. It's just not in our nature' really? Interesting....

This is the end of the article which pretty much sums it up I think '"[There's] the satisfaction of looking at ranks of badly-daubed Skaven (man-sized anthropomorphic rats) and knowing they're yours and you made them in a real way," says Kieron Gillen.
"It's absolutely the part of the brain that made other generations make model trains."
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