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Sunday, 22 May 2011

My First Dreadnought, Imperial Fists.

Well it took me long enough (camera ran out of battery haha) but here they are my first pictures. Here's the first 'vehicle' I've done, I'm really sorry about the quality but I'm going to have to set something up to set better pics. I've seen a couple of tutorials but if you could help me out that would be great.

I wanna add some battle damage to it, I've given it a thick wash but I wanna make it look more battle worn like I have my tanks. What's your guys thoughts on battle damage?

           I've also seen these Fist tank badges that I really wanna add to it.

One thing I wanted to ask you guys, using this one as an example (^), what do you use for basing? At the moment I'm using static grass, sand and rocks. I was wondering what you guys use for things like long grass that I've seen and other such cool looking things. Thanks guys.
Well that's the first set which is more of a test more than anything to see the reaction. There will be more as I've got a bunch done recently.  Thanks for looking. Criticism required.

EDIT: Tried to add better lighting? Not sure if it worked. Let me know on these two pics.

Also I might increase the size of the pictures for the next post. As I said this is mainly test to work stuff out. Next post tomorrow will hopefully be a bit better haha. Here I used a lamp and natural light.


  1. Great job on the basing, I use simple backyard sand and parts from my bits box.

    I'm sure the actual dreadnoght looks great but it's a little hyard to see.

    Your light box is great, but I think it's the camera that isn't focusing on the actual model. Do you have a lamb over the top of the model? This helps the camera to focuse.

    There should be a setting on your camera called: DETAIL or TEXT or CLOSE RANGE SHOTS (something like this). If you have it on a normal setting like auto, it will come out blurry as they are made for taking pics of rooms or long distance shots.

    One last thing about lighting, never use the camera's flash, only use lighting from a lamp.

    Hope this has helped make the pics a little less blurry.

  2. Thanks mate that's really helpful. Next post tomorrow I'll sort it out. I might just take a quick snap for my post tomorrow of the Dready to show the difference and maybe get a little more detail in.

  3. Warflake, I'm looking forward to those improved photos, I can tell you've got a good piece there but it is hard to make it out. How big is your Imperial Fist army at this time? (approx. points?)

  4. I have around 1500 points so far.
    Yeah the photos will improve, thanks for looking.




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