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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Which minis do you wanna see?

Right well I’ll just get right down to it, I need something new to build an paint and possibly game with but that’s more of a future outlook. So I’ve spent the better part of last night and today looking through a lot of options. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! The one that struck me the most was Malifaux. In particular the ‘Resurrectionists’ I’ll give you a couple of examples

The thing I like most is the fact it’s cheap and you get good quality looking minis. Given my current state of finance that really sings to me.

I also looked at Warmachine and Hordes, I really like the miniatures but maybe a little expensive? I’m not to sure on that one really. If you can inform me otherwise that would be appreciated.

Then we get to other companies I checked out that do minis that I could just paint up and they look cool and could be somehow implemented into other games for example Scibor Miniatures.

Or if there's any other games that you think I should know about that you'd like to see (I looked through alot earlier but you can try an bring something new up) let me know.

My big question to you guys is this, what would you like to see from me? Because I mean I enjoy painting them but what I do paint will be going on here for you all to see. So really it’s as much your decision as mine.

The reasoning behind this question? Well basically I realised that I don’t have a great deal left to do with my Imperial Fists and I want to carry on painting things and developing my skills but I can’t really afford the prices set out by GW so I will have to not purchase anymore till such time as I sell my army and have a little money to play with. This doesn’t mean I’m stopping 40k, I will be posting any battles I have with them up, it just means it won’t be just that.

So this is a really serious question to you guys, what do you want to see? Leave a comment below and I’ll put a poll up and we’ll see how it goes from there.

After reading all that here's an awesome picture

Also if your still up for reading anything at this point which I doubt you are but I found a bunch of old fantasy mini's and a couple of Space Crusade minis to, so if you want me to paint them up and show them off I'd be happy to.



  1. Do you have any minis at all laying around? Left over from previous armies? If so paint those up how you you want or if you have enough make a small operation killzone team out of them.

    I myself realized that after my Nurgle CSM army that I had around 1850 points of spare models. Ridiculous but in the end I built a fluffy army out them that has yet to be painted. They are my next project.

  2. I wish I had more but what I'm left with now is: a Land Speeder with no stand, a 5 man scout squad with a horrible paint job, an Assault Squad, a Land Raider and a guy that I converted today. Doesn't leave me with much. I mean those will get painted and put up it's just I'm thinking what I can do in between so I don't do all that then I'm done.

  3. If you are looking for a new game to play, why dont you take a look at infinity?
    The game is awsome, and you dont need many figures to play, and you can take more time to paint them.

  4. acetone is your friend with metals, paints stripper with plastics....

    oh and with a new captain thats a fully legal blood angels army coming in at about 500 pts (and with some tinkering 750 is do-able!)

    as for a new game how about something that isnt seen much : infinity, epic armageddon and necromunda all have reasonable low startup costs... warmahordes is cheap for a small army but the individual models are pricey :(

  5. Go for Malifaux, they are releasing the coolest Seamus Avitar Mini soon. A starter, Deck, a slim rule book for under $80.00 easy. I have Von Schill.

  6. I second the choice of Maulifax :) The minis look great and i'm thinking of starting it too as its quite affordable. Will be going for Kirai's Spirit of Vengeance as i like the Japanese theme.

    I would also check out if there are players who game regularly in the game system of choice as part of the decision making ;)

    I think you have a nice selection of marines leftover. If you paint them up as Imperial Fists you could add to the options for your army list. They provide a nice sideboard and you never know when you may want to run a dual Land Raider list haha!

    On the other hand, they could be the beginnings of a new Chapter with a different play style.

    All the best man!

  7. Malifaux is one hell of a great game. I bought Lady Justice set a while ago along with rulebook and a set of cards but have been too busy with the current backlog to get started with them. Still, even after quickly looking through the rules and reading some articles about it, Malifaux seems to be the game :]




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