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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Advice:Army List 2....Getting Tedious Yet?

So after further messing around with the list I have come up with this, it means a few purchases but hopefully I can sell a couple of things to pay for it (maybe my left arm, the right is far to precious).


Lysander - 200


Terminators 3 x THSS 2x LC - 200

Sternguard 1x Combi-Melta 1 x Power Fist - 155 w/ Drop Pod w/ Locator Beacon 45

Dreadnought Lascannon CC - 135


Tactical Squad w/ Melta and Las -  185 w/ Rhino 35

Tactical Squad w/ Flamer and Las - 180 w/ Rhino 35

Scouts w/ Snipers and 1 x Missile Launcher - 85

Heavy Support

Predator w/ Autocannon and Las spons - 120

Vindicator - 115


That leaves me with 10 to play with for a 1500 point game which I could waste on bringing in a plasma gun to replace the flamer?

Generally though I like this list, I can drop the Sternguard and Lysander to wreak havoc with bolter drill and deep strike my termies near by so they can also wreak some havoc.

I mean by all means tell me if this list sounds stupid but I think it's not to bad.

Thanks guys!


  1. Who are you most likely to play? To me that would determine your weapons load outs.

    Here are two lists I run fairly often that have a good ability to de-mech and punch on against Orks, Nurgle Death Guard and Blood Angels.

    List 1:
    Terminator Librarian with SS or Terminator Chaplain with Combi-Weapon
    Dreadnought with 2x T/L Autocannons
    Dreadnought with 2x T/L Autocannons
    Terminator Assault Squad, 3x TH/SS, 2x LC's
    Land Raider Redeemer with Multimelta
    Tac Squad, Plasma cannon, Plasmagun
    Tac Squad(5)
    Razorback, T/L Plasmagun Lascannon
    Vindicator with Siege Shield
    Vindicator with Siege Shield

    The second list:
    Commander Culln (215pts, IA:9)
    Terminator Assault squad as above
    Landraider Redeemer as above
    Dreadnought as above
    Tac squad, Apothecary, Plasmagun Plasmacannon
    Tac squad(5), Apothecary
    Razorback as above
    Vindicator as above
    Vindicator as above
    Thunderfire Cannon

    Both work pretty well, having duplicates means the enemy cannot get relief from destroying just one threat on your side. Vindicators especially, S10 AP1 is no joke. The only thing I suffer from is low body count but the units I do have are all quite hard to destroy.

  2. I like this list. It's got good shooting, a very solid assault element, and a fair amount of mobility. It may not be a super-optimized tournament, but it's got no obviously wasted points and a good variety of units that will make it fun to play with.

    For the 10 points, I vote for a combi-melta for the sergeant of the Tactical squad with the meltagun and lascannon. When you really need to melta something, that'll double your chances. Also, their fairly easy to convert if you have an extra meltagun.

  3. @Red I worked it out and if I drop the scouts and the las from the dread I could get an extra Vindi which would be pretty sweet.

    Lots to think of.




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