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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Opinion On This Unit: Ironclad Dreadnought

So if you have been reading I've played around with lists last couple of days and I have come up with this.


Lysander - 200


10 man Sternguard 2x Combi-Melta 1 x Power Fist - 285 w/ Drop Pod

Ironclad Dreadnought - 135 w/ Drop Pod


10 manTactical Squad w/ Melta and ML - 175 w/ Rhino 35

10 man Tactical Squad w/ Flamer and ML - 170 w/ Rhino 35

Heavy Support

Predator w/ Las and Las spons - 165

Vindicator - 115

Vindicator - 115


My way of thinking is drop pod the 10 man sternguard and Lysander off and bolter drill the hell out of everything and drop pod the ironclad and wreck alot.

New Friend?

This only came to me when I was putting my list together and had extra points that I wondered where to put them. Figured two drop pods of killyness on turn one would be pretty sweet.

So what I wanted to ask is have you ever used an Ironclad or had one used on you? I just thought for 135 points its a pretty mean wrecking ball.

I mean the seismic hammer +1 to roll on vehicle damage chart is pretty nice and the front and rear armer boost is pretty sweet. Along with built in melta and storm bolter and move through cover you can't argue with it really.

Whats your thoughts on it?

I think I may have this as a regular thing of units I don't use to hear your opinion on them.

Anyways give me your feedback please.



  1. I sold my Space Marine Codex long ago and therefor am not an expert on it but I can relate to what you are trying to achieve. In my Renegade Space Wolves army, The Ravenous, I use a Dreadnought with a Multi-Melta/Heavy Flamer via a Drop Pod. He was added to compliment my Long Fang squad (5 Multi-Meltas) that also drop pods in with Logan Grimnar (relentless enabler). Together they have the ability to pop 3 vehicles the turn 1 thus stripping my opponents mobility.

  2. I don't know about ironclads, but dreadnoughts in general arriving via drop pod can cause quite a lot of damage ;) - With my SM I almost always take a dread in a pod in my list

  3. but then I don't use the spammed rifleman dreads so perhaps some will disagree with me - I use assault cannon/heavy flamer loadout.

  4. I only see two drop pods in your list.

    You would need a minimum of three, for two to arrive first round.

  5. The Ironclad is a solid choice for a drop dread. It has less firepower than a standard Dreadnought but is much harder to kill and better in assault. As long as you can support it quickly, it makes for a strong first turn drop. However, this drop list has a few problems.

    Due to the Drop Pod Assault rule, half of your pods automatically land first turn while the remainder are normal reserves. The Sternguard are great support for the Ironclad, but you'll need three pods total so that you can drop both the Ironclad and Sternguard first turn. I would suggest putting one of the Tactical squads (the one with a meltagun, probably) in a drop pod for this reason.

    Also, I would suggest putting 4 combi-meltas in the Sternguard. Because they're a 10 man squad, they have the option to combat squad when they leave their drop pod. 4 melta shots would allow you to combat squad them as they arrive and put 2 shots each into 2 tanks. This can be a real help against heavily mechanized armies.




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