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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Free Army Builder....

Hey guys,

So I was looking at army builder and thought should I pay moneys for this? Well at first I thought it seemed a viable good option but then when I did a little search I found an open source army builder by the name of WarFoundry.

Being that I run Linux (thumbs up for Linux) I'm pretty happy when I find open source anything but this was something I was extremely interested in.

It is still in very much development stages at the moment with only 3 active contributors which sucks but I've run it and it seems not to bad.

It's compatible with all major OS's which is pretty awesome.

I urge you everyone to go check it out! WarFoundry

And if by any chance you have the skills to contribute to it please do (get involved).

I really would like to see this software go somewhere!



  1. Your CSS isn't very good. It took me 2 minutes of looking to try and find the link. This can easily be rectified by putting back the underlining for links and making them a different colour. It's only a small point but it's an easily overlooked part of designing for the web.

    Your friendly neighbourhood design guy

  2. I will look at this when I came back to my precious ubuntu computer! Thumbs up!!
    Saludos! and thanks for the info




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