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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Advice:Army List....

So I keep looking at my army and constantly calculating how much it would cost points wise and what combinations I can use and blah blah blah but I really have no idea what I'm doing.

Well I have some idea but I am still learning.

Where I'm in terms of what I can field....


Lysander - 200

Librarian SS - 140 or  w/ Epistolary - 190

Captain Sigismund SS, Relic Blade, Artificer Armor - 160

Command Squad 3 x Storm Bolters, Company Standard, Company Champion, Apothecary, Lightning Claw, Power Weapon - 184 possibly swap out a Storm Bolter for Combi-Flamer as I have the part - 191


5 x Assault Terminators 2 x LC 3 x TH SS - 200

Dreadnought TLL CC - 135


10 man Tac Squad ML Melta w/Rhino -210

10 man Tac Squad ML Flamer or Plasma or Melta w/ Rhino - 205/215/210

Heavy Support

Devastators 2 x LC 2x ML - 190

Predator LC - 165

Vindicator - 115

That's everything I have right now, sold my land raider because I couldn't get the parts I needed to fix it. But should get another so add that which would be another 250.

Add another 40 plus if I change it up from regular for a Razorback I'm looking to get.

So after calculating what I have modeled currently comes in at 1744 points.

Thats without the plasma or melta on the second Tac Squad, without Combi Flamer in Command Squad and without Epistolary.

With all those it brings me in at 1814 for plasma in tac squad or 1809 for melta.

And then to take into account the future Land Raider and Razorback comes in at 2034,  2104, 2099.

Obviously this wouldn't be a viable list as I'd have three HQ's but my question to you is what would be a good list with what I have and what can I take away and add to make it more effective?

I'm thinking of dropping the Devastators for one thing.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

If you run a Vanilla SM list that has similar elements to mine or you just know of a way of making what I have effective let me know.

Put as many words as will fit in that comment box haha


Also if you haven't already go ahead and vote on the MWC Conversion Contest!

There's some amazing talent being shown there and all deserve your votes!

I've rambled long enough....

1 comment:

  1. Yo mang,

    I play as vanilla SM most of the time without any FW buffs from Culln. I think as a Marine player you need to take advantage of the cheap but effective options are your disposal. The missile launcher is genius for the free or minimal point cost it comes in at and if I ever run Devastators I always run them with 4x Missile Launchers in a squad of 5. Very good for 150 points!

    I don't know if you have the options but dreadnoughts with 2x T/L Autocannons absolutely rip it up on the battlefield. You're guaranteed 3 hits but will get 4 most of the time and S7 is nothing to sneeze at.

    I always use them in tandem with my Vindicators as the Dreads open the transports and the Vindicators vaporise the infantry spilling out.

    Other than that I like it. I think the stuff you have is largely similar to what I run on a regular basis (Though I don't have Lysander), the Terminators need a LRR or LRC to roll around in and I think if you are able to, losing the T/L Las on the Pred would be a good way to go and save some points. You get more shots out of having the Autocannon there anyway and can always spend them somewhere else.




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