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Monday, 25 July 2011

Revised 1500 point Army list....

So after a little feedback I've come up with this for regular 1500 point list that I can use with what I have with minimal purchases

captain storm shield, relic blade, artificier
armour 160

command squad 3 x storm boters, company standard, company champion, power weapon
lightning claw 184

librarian terminator armour, storm shield 140 Gate of Infinity Null Zone

Assault terminators 200

2 x rhino 70

Vindicator 115

2 x tac squads melta,plasma, missile 360

Sniper rifle scouts 75

Razorback lascannon 75

Dread autocannon 115


Thinking behind everything....

So first off the the librarian, Gate and Null Zone, well I figure that to save points on a Land Raider I can use him to get my Assault Terminators around, giving him a SS to have a little survivability. That way I have my scary hammers and claws flying around. I know this is not an ideal mode of transport but it's cheap. As far as I can tell, correct me if I'm wrong of course, that because the Libby is wearing Termie armor that he can deep strike along with the terminators? So that way I don't have to start them on the field and get them killed to quickly, again not ideal but it could work.

Razorback with Las to replace the dropped Pred and to be a mode of transport for my command squad.

Dread with Autocannon due to a suggestion from Red, he made it sound very tempting.

Scouts purely for another cheap troop choice, can't have to many troops. And for 75 points worth of Sniping can't argue really.

This is what I'm leaving out, Pred with all Las, Lysander and Devastators which comes in at around 525 points so I'd be alright for 2000 aswel haha.

I'm still open to more ideas as to what I can change and such.

But I think this is an ok list for 1500.

Let me know.


1 comment:

  1. It's certainly a good start for a list. The first suggestion that I have is that two HQ's in 1,500 points takes a lot of points away from units. Neither of you HQs are too expensive, so you can probably work with both, but it's something to consider.

    The Librarian with Terminators is a viable tactic, and I've seen it played well before.

    It's a little hard to tell what your squads are armed with exactly, particularly the Tactical squads and Command squad. As far as the Command squad, it seems a little confused. I assume they're supposed to support the Captain, but I think they need to concentrate on close-combat. The storm bolters won't do much, and they can't be combined with a power sword to get an extra attack. In addition, the company standard doesn't increase their hitting power. The Company Champion is a good buy, and an additional storm shield or two would give the unit a lot of survivability. It's also worth considering that Command squads are one of the few units that can take multiple special weapons, and a squad with multiple meltaguns or flamers can reliable put a lot of damage on their chosen target type.

    I like Scouts, but a missile launcher is useful because they can often get side armor shots when infiltrating.

    A Dread with an autocannon is good; a Dread with two autocannons is great. I would consider dropping the power fist for a second autocannon. It will destroy Rhinos with great reliability.

    I realize all of those suggestions require points that you don't have. I would seriously consider running only one HQ (and accompanying elite squad) and using the points to add a bit more firepower. However, you could change the Command squads Razorback to a Rhino to get the points to kit out the Command squad and add a few heavy weapons.




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