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Friday, 29 July 2011

Building Custom Sternguard and Finished List

So as the title says I'm going to build some custom Sternguard partly because I want 10 and I dont wan't to buy two boxes of the same marines for ridiculously expensive and partly because it'll be fun. 

I have already begun by building my sergeant with power fist and combi melta which looks pretty badass. Though the way I did the combi melta meant I lost the barrel for the bolter which really sucks =[ but hopefully I shall be able to amend that without to much more butchery.

I already have enough bits to begin but I'm more than likely going to buy a couple of combat squad boxsets and mess around with those for the rest.

So theres that to look forward to.

On to my list and alot of comments later it's completely different to what I started with haha.


Lysander - 200


10 man Sternguard 2 x combi melta 2 x combi flamer 1x power fist- 295 w/drop pod - 35

Ironclad Dread - 135 w/drop pod - 35

Dread w/ las - 135


*10 man tac squads 1 x melta 1 x multi melta - 185 w/drop pod - 35 * edit
* 10 man tac squad 1 x flamer 1 x lascannon - 180 w/ rhino - 35 * edit

Heavy Support

2 x Vindicators - 230


I think this is my favorite list I've written so far, fairly good gun line, fairly good scoring options and pretty good in your face power.

Very fun.

I promise no more lists for awhile haha.

Thanks for helping me out guys!


Due to dropping 10 points from not combat squading the rhino squad I stuck a lascannon in there for good measure. I didn't realise that combat squading them would make me drop weapons so I've amended that. I now realise I have to combat squad them when they get out of the drop pod, does this mean they should be shown in points as (as I have done) being a combat squad? I've gotten myself very confused haha. I'm not making another post so hopefully someone reads this haha.


  1. Looking forward to seeing those Sternguard. Converted Sternguard are almost always better and more interesting than the official models.

    I hate to tell you this after all the iterations of the list that you've gone through, but I think your Tactical squads are illegal (it's hard to tell what you intend with the way it's written). Squads of less than 10 marines cannot take any upgrade weapons other than on the sergeant, and two squads cannot share the same drop pod. One 10 man squad can be in the pod and then combat squad when it disembarks, but that's the only way to get 2 squads out of 1 pod.

    You could take one squad in the pod with meltagun and a heavy weapon (I suggest a multi-melta for this circumstance) and another in the Rhino with a flamer and missile launcher. That way you can combat squad and leave the half with the missile launcher to shoot. That would give you similar load outs to what you have in the proposed list.

  2. I'm planning on buying a box of Chaos Space Marines to use as a basis for sternguard. File off anything chaos-y and use spare parts for those too chaos-y (some helmets, some shoulder pads, and such). Maybe buy a few nifty special pieces to spice them up with. Should make them stand out :)

    Btw, you can only special weapons in tactical squads if you take full 10-man squads. :(

  3. Unless you've got 2 tac squads that you're simply running as combat squadsI don'tsee why you needthe 5 man tac squad with nothing and rhino... wouldn't you be better off taking a slightly cheaper scout squad instead giving them a heavy weapon (ml or hb) and then popping them in the rhino for the scout move?

  4. The updated list is correct. You purchase the squad as a full 10 marines and then decide to combat squad them or not when they are deployed.

    The list looks pretty solid now. I'm looking forward to seeing the units painted up and hearing how it works on the table-top.




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