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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Vanilla Space Marines...Can They Be Competitive?

This is not a question I can answer more a question I'm asking your opinion on.

I've read and heard alot about how with things like Blood Angels and Space Wolves they are inferior. But in my personal and rather inexperienced opinion I feel that with the diversity of the Space Marine codex it can be built to be a good competitive army. 

Am I wrong?

I like my Imperial Fist army and wish to keep them and get alot more games in with them but I also eventually want to play competitively and would like that to be with my Space Marines 

Is there a winning combination that I can still stay fluffy with? Fluffy in the Imperial Fists case being Siege warfare so big heavy and mean. 

I'll list out where I'm at with my army at the moment.

Lysander with a Command Squad (which is in production haha) consisting of a Company Champion three veterans and a Apothecary

Librarian with Storm Shield

5 man Terminator Assault Squad

5 man Devastator Squad

2 x 10 man Tactical Squads 


Lascannon Predator


Lascannon Land Raider

Dreadnought Lascannon/CC weapon

I also have a bunch of Scouts that can be used? I have a 5 man Assault Squad? 

If you tell me I have to drop anything like all the Lascannons that would involve selling them without cutting the bits off as there glued, and I'm pretty sure at the time I used plastic cement. So yeah, they are not budging.

But I really wouldn't mind to much if you think it would help me out.

Any input would be greatly appreciated and I'm open to your suggestions.

Right onto another subject.

Two in one post? I'm spoiling you haha.

Here's some blurry pictures for you to goggle at:

These were mainly to show you how I was doing on the Executioners, I think I've found the right blend of silver and blue. From what you can see what do you think?

I really like it personally and think it'll look great once done properly. This was a really quick once over to see how it looked,

Also another question what kind of wash would go well with that color?

I appreciate it if you have taken the time to read all this dribble. You get a free cyber hug/hand shake. 

Depends how manly you are.



  1. I'm not a tournament player, but I've started to think about plasma. A tactical squad can take a plasma cannon which can hurt low AV vehicles and tough troops. Command squads can take several meltaguns/plasmaguns. Should pack some punch at least:) So does Vindicators (take two, the Land Raider can be taken as a transport by the termies). I've also played with the thought of giving dreads plasma cannons. I know, I think plasma is on the way back:)

    If you want to get good, play and find out what works for you. Who cares about netlists. It's cooler to win by being different, and being the better tactician. After all, what better Primach than Dorn were there when it came to tactics:)

  2. Good point. I think I will take it as trial and error. Yeah I figured I need more Plasma thinking swapping the Dread out for a Plasma wielding Venerable. Anyone think that's a good idea? Extra 60 points for better WS and BS.

  3. Boyz before toyz :) Depends on the points you are playing and your style. Me I'd rather take 3x normal dreads than 2x ven. But one ven can beat one normal.

    The biggest plus with a ven is that the kit actually includes a plasma:) But no autocannons for a rifle-dread:( So forgeworld / convert for that one.




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