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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Modelling The Imperial Fist Chapter Master

I figured seen as i am doing Sigismund it only makes sense that I would soon start work on Vladimir Pugh the Imperial Fist Chapter Master.

This is all that is said about him:

Lord Vladimir Pugh is the current Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists. He is a stern man and does not distance himself once a crusade is launched. He likes leading the troops in battle instead of sitting at the rear. Whilst not a particularly inspirational leader, Vladimir Pugh is as meticulous a planner as any Chapter Master in the Imperial Fists' history. He has had his taste buds excised as a penance because he lost a hundred and seventy Marines in one terrible action (and also because the Emperor in his current state cannot taste, smell or touch).

Slightly hard to build a mini around.

Then there is the theory that this is him

Which judging by the info, though little it is, I can't imagine it is. I envision a slightly more reserved character than a crazy person running around with two thunder hammers.  

So with that in mind what do I equip him with?

Well this is where I thought it could get interesting.

I'm going to attempt to magnetize the arms to give him options. This seems like the only viable answer without making the hard choice.

But I haven't ever done this, nor do I know of the means to achieve this. 

So what I'm asking anyone reading this to do for me is write out a small tutorial of how to magnetize or point me in the right direction to learn.

This is still very new to me so I'm sorry if it sounds a stupid question.

On a side note I'm going to be doing my first green stuffing very soon on Sigismunds sword. 

I thought instead of changing the sword I would modify it slightly so it's a bit bigger.

As soon as I have done that and added more purity seals he will be done. 

Really hoping I get him done in time for MiniatureWargamingConversions contest

Much appreciated!


  1. Looks interesting! unfortunately I have never magnetized anything myself so cant help out there.

  2. I have magnetized vehicles and lagre models with success. I recommend trying wrist swaps and not whole arm swaps. Amazing Magnets sells the small ones to do this. Next drill a hole place the magnets in and bam. It sounds easy but it takes time.
    Hope this helps

  3. I too have not magnetized stuff before. For my character minis i usually utilize the pinning technique. Less big scale drilling involved.

    But it would be perfectly fluffy if he had one hand with a Thunder Hammer. You could add a storm shield in the other hand instead of another hammer, so its legal in game terms.

    Or the 2nd hammer could be treated in fluff terms as a storm shield, used to parry enemy attacks.

    You could also choose to treat him as Lysander in power armor if you want ;)

  4. Hmm... not great at magnets myself, but first off you need to pick up some magnets. Probably about 2/3 mm in diameter, but strong enough to hold the arms together. Wrist swaps can be difficult to get right, so if you have enough spare bits, you should have the option to do arm swaps.

    Basically, you drill a hole with the same diameter as the magnet into the arm. Then don't dry fit, cos it will get stuck in. Use the magnet to measure against the drill to see how deep you need the hole to be. Once you have done that drill one in the corresponding point on the torso. I suggest using superglue in the holes, then have some way of marking the + and - sides of the magnets and drop them into the holes as appropriate.

    Here is what I found that may be of help

    Try searching around on google, and you may find what you seek. Good luck!

  5. Extremely appreciated!
    I will get on that.
    Hopefully I won't mess up to bad haha.
    I think practice runs are in order.

  6. Two thunderhammers are legal. Gives you an extra attack for having two weapons even :)

    I'd give him artificer armor and a big relic blade. It sounds like it would fit from what I've read. Maybe a combi-something to round him off.

  7. sounds like a fun challenge, can't wait to see the turn out!

  8. Not sure on how to arm him, but I did find this blurb on him in the Index Astartes: Imperial Fists article, which may be helpful.

    "Whilst not a particularly inspirational leader, Vladimir Pugh is as meticulous a planner as and Chapter Master in the Imperial Fists' history. In addition, he excels at knowing who to promote and who to trust with critical missions- an appraising glance form Master Pugh can be bettered only by extensive probing from a Librarian. As a result when battle begins, Pugh can concentrate on commanding his Veteran reserve with absolute faith that his subordinates will not fail the chapter."

    Also, I just took pictures for a tutorial on magnetizing arms for swapping them. I do it for all my sergeants, and it really is very simple once you get the hang of it. I'll try to put it together quickly.

  9. Ah nice, look forward to seeing that then.




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