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Saturday, 16 July 2011

New Rhino....

I got a new Rhino that I've just finished working on I thought I'd show off to you guys.

How do you like the bullet holes and scratches? I used a heated pin for those, I really like how it turned out.

Thoughts and criticism appreciated.



  1. Nice weathering and battle damage. It's an appropriate amount and placement, which is great since most people seem to overdo it with battle damage.

    Are the fists freehand or do I see a raised surface on the one on the back? They look really good either way.

  2. Thanks very much!

    The fists are from Forgeworld, there the brass etching ones. They look great but are hard to work with.

  3. Very cool.

    Definitely like the scratches and bullet holes. I may have to steal that idea.

  4. Nice, love the battle damage!

  5. The overall effect is good, but a question arise... there are enemy only in the flank? :D

    I like the bullet hole, but maybe you should put one or two on the Front/Rear of the tank.

    Just my 0.02 cents of course! :D

  6. Yeah I though exactly the same thing, I will be adding more I just wanted to see how it looks.




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