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Monday, 18 July 2011

What to use, Milliput or Green Stuff?

I am currently going to remodel my captains power sword to be a fair bit bigger and was wondering if anyone could give me advice on which would be the better to use?

Having no experience with either I wouldn't know which would be better for the job.

All I need it for is to reshape the sword to be larger and I wanted to make the scabbard larger, nothing to fancy, just larger.

This being my first attempt I didn't want to go overboard.

So please if you read this and know which would be the better fit for what I'm looking do leave a comment.

It would be immensely appreciated.



I have cut the blade off something and am going to glue and milliput it together, you will see the results ;)


  1. I would recommend greenstuff for modelling and milliput more for large gaps that need filling on terrain if it doesn't need to be too pretty as greenstuff, in my experience at least is easier to work detail into.

    Cupboard of Nurgle

  2. For making a sword blade?


    cut to rough size, sand into shape.

    You can add milliput to it if you like, because milliput is very sandable, but for the love of Hourus dont try making a sword from greenstuff, youll go mad, and quit.


  3. miliput for detials, GS for shapes (scribors has some good tutoirals)

    however for swords use plasticard and then cut the edges away with a scalpel until it is sword shaped and less boxy! ( for a terrible example see my libby's axe : )

    cant wait till sisigmud is finished!


  4. I will also say plasticard (i did it on my Belial :D ) and greenstuff the deatils with green stuff on the blade (the energy source thingy and such)

  5. I agree with the above. Greenstuff is far too flexible for a sword blade. Plasticard is the way to go.

  6. Like everyone else said you should use plasticard in this instance, but for general sculpting you want prosculpt or greenstuff (or better brown stuff).

    Milliput is basically just dreadful. You can use it to create bulk that you cover in green stuff (but balsa is better) or use for scenery but it's basically useless beyond that in my experience.

    It's definitely a learning curve and although it's not for everyone don't get disheartened and give it lots of patience and lots of practice. And get good tools!




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