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Friday, 15 July 2011

Sigismund WIP (Formerly Company Champion Now Captain)

I had a long think earlier about my army and thought do I really want to take Lysander with a Command Squad? Not really. So why not use my former Company Champion as Former 1st Company Captain, first Emperors Champion and first High Marshall of the Black Templar's.

If you have never read about him do so now. 

This guy was a beast. Hot headed but know one can compare to his swordsmanship. 

I'll tell you how I'm going to run him

Relic Blade, Storm Shield, Digital Weapons and Artificer Armour. Even with that he costs less than Lysander and all I get from him is Stubborn, Bolter Drill and Bolster Defenses. Now I'm not saying that I'm dropping him completly, I'm just not running him with a Command Squad on smaller point games. Bigger point games maybe. 

Anyways lets get down to the pictures!

As you can see chapter symbols and such have been added, a few purity seals. There will be some going on the sword as soon as I decide whether I want the sword to be bigger or not.

Which is what I wanted to ask you, do you think he should have a bigger sword to represent him having a relic blade?



  1. Great model and a good representation of Sigismund! However, I feel like the standard power sword is a bit of a let down as a power weapon compared to the rest of the model. I would envision something more similar to the Black Sword that the Emperor's Champion model carries.

    As far as Lysander, I would agree that he's too expensive for small games. However, I wouldn't count out Lysander. I think is biggest advantages are the extra wound and eternal warrior. Matched with he 2+/3++ armor save, he can survive a horrendous amount of attacks. He also hits back at S10, which makes him great at insta-killing characters, thunderwolves, and walkers. His other rules are just gravy; Lysander is a monster in close-combat.

  2. I would make it a little longer and to the handle to make it look two handed. But I love the look now. I am in awe

  3. The sword does look a bit plain, if you like that style maybe the AOBR Captain sword will be better or maybe a sword form the blood angels sanguinary guard?

    Nice decal on the shield.

  4. That's what I thought, the sword will be changed.

    @Ignatius I know exactly what you mean about Lysander. People say run him with a Sternguard Squad, which I might do as long as I make my own custom one's that aren't crap in close combat. But then fluff tells me that they despise the thought of close combat and I like to stay fluffy so running him with a bunch of Terminators is the only sensible option to me.

    Overall I really like him, hate the model generally, wish they'd remodel him a little better but stats wise he is untouchable.

  5. possibly a bigger sword (with a fist pommel if you can do that?) and with possibly a icon on the head which is fairly plain? possibly a GK head?

  6. Agreed, I've had the most success running Lysander with a unit of standard Terminators he increases their shooting and adds a lot of survivability to the unit while they are able to support him in assault.




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