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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Pick A Chapter....Any Chapter...

I had an idea earlier while I was painting up the first entry for the Marine project, you give me a chapter each week and I'll put a poll up provided I get enough responses and at the end of the week I'll do that chapter that got the most votes.

The only conditions are....

No Heretics, so no Chaos basically.


No well known chapters, so don't be asking for something like Crimson Fists for example.

Want inspiration?

Pictorial List A-L

Pictorial List M-Z

 Just pick one and post a comment saying which one you want to see.

Also, I'm not sure at what amount I will do it but at a certain amount of Marines I'll be making a diorama involving them.

So that's something to look forward to.ise of what the first chapter will be

Oh and to spoil the surprise of what the first chapter will be

Get suggesting!



  1. Now I have an urge to work on a chapter that still worships the emperor, but regards Slaanesh, Nurgle, Tzeenteech and Khorne as saints or something...

    Completely unrelated to anything other than that I tend to try and find loopholes with things.

    In any case, I vote for Angels Sanguine (Not Blood Angels), Brazen Minotaurs, or Celebrants.

  2. Doom Eagles!

    ...I dunno why, they just sound awesome!

  3. Excorcists!
    Star Phantoms!
    Fire Lords!

    I know you said choose one but these were three I considered before settling on starting an Imperial Fist army.

  4. If you pick three I'll just randomly select one so it's cool.

  5. I vote Storm Guardians great chapter symbol

  6. Astral knights! they are sweet! Shame no-one knows what they look like.

  7. I tell you what I'm going to make the effort to find a color scheme for astral knights.

  8. Mantis Warriors, even those chapters almost wiped out needs some love too.

  9. I made the effort in doing a quick search up on Astral knights and came back with the idea that there color scheme should be that of the Sable Swords as they came along at the death of The Astral Knights. This is just a shot in the dark which is what most people go by with them it seems but I think it makes sense that the remnants of chapter would keep there color scheme as homage.

  10. I would love to Mantis Warriors, love that chapter.

  11. Aurora
    Space Sharks
    Angry Marines

  12. How about Sons of Guilliman?

    Nice quartered scheme should look good?

  13. Part of me always fancied painting a different chapter, but in the end it always comes back to the awesomeness of blood angels. When i was a kid i had a shelf with about 20 different chapters of marines on it, all the main ones plus loads of custom ones i did, looked pretty funky if not badly painted.

  14. Yeah when I was a kid I use to always be doing custom chapters.
    They were definitely badly painted but I didn't care haha.

  15. How about 2nd edition era Silver Skulls? The ones with blue and gold weapons. That has been my chapter for the past decade. Tricky part is doing any sort of specialist helmets, to me it sounds/looks weird to have my Silver Skull Vet Sarge have a black helmet or whatever.




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