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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Realm of Battle Imperial Strongpoint and Black Library Q&A

First off it was time for the Forge World newsletter so theres always a talking point.

This time round it was this.

Love it!

Anyways I was on youtube earlier and saw this from Games Day Chicago 2011.

The Black Library Q&A.

So if you didn't go here's something pretty cool to check out!

Back to progress tomorrow!



  1. I like the board a lot too. It fits very well on that table and would be great to play over. There's a lot of scope for them to put out even more themed sections and I'm sure they could come up with some good ideas.

  2. Mark Bedford:

    Had a great Forgeworld seminar that's been taped and youtubed by a few cats and in that he was saying that they plan to release the tiles to be used as a specific focal point for missions in a campaign. They intend for you to be able to replicate the battle down to the dioramas in the book if you want.

    I think it's pretty sweet and reason enough for me to get an RoB board if they did put out more of them (Or just wait until they have 4-6 tiles and make a complete FW only board)..

    The boys do great work and the seminar looked fantastic. Almost a good reason for me to fly to Sydney and attend.




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