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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Clean Up: Imperial Fist Dreadnought

So I read all your comments, much appreciated by the way, and I think I'm getting close to actually being finished with this thing.

I keep taking pictures zooming in and finding new things to fix and things that I thought I did fix but obviously didn't.

I've got a massive headache just thinking about it haha.

It's not all bad though as I'm working on other things in between so as to not get annoyed and break it haha.

Pretty sure it would have been easier if I'd had just stripped the paint off to be honest but I'm to determined not to now.

Anyway here's my progress.


It may not look like I've done much but I assure you I have.

I have cleaned up alot of the yellow that was showing through bits and pieces, yet there is still little its here and there.

More wash in places, for some reason the lighting is not showing it but I assure you it is there.

I just generally tidied it up a little.

I like how it looks and don't wish to change anything I just want the bits that are showing yellow to go away haha.

Also change the base a little to make it look more muddy.

Compare to this and tell me what you think!

I assure you that you won't have to see this again very soon haha.

Other WIP's in the works.


Warflake out

[End Transmission]


  1. It looks much better! The painting is neater and the weathering is more defined. In particular, the metallics look much better and I love how dirty the feet are. It really looks like he's churning up the battlefield.

    The metallics around the sarcophagus still look pretty flat, and I think they could do with some of the washing that the rest of the silver got.

  2. Looks decent, you certainly seem to be aware of and using a bunch of decent tabletop painting techniques. One thing though, thin your paints. Its thick enough in places that it shows in the zoomed out photos, and that hurts your mini by loosing detail.

  3. I like it, I think you've done a good job!

  4. A definite improvement, well done!

  5. Nicely done. Very gritty- love it!




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