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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Has My Blog Bought You Traffic and Support My Blog

So you may notice I changed things around a little today and a new feature has been added. I shall get to that.

Right well first of all I just wanted to put to you a simple question, has my blog bought you any views? What I mean by this is the fact that I have had the bloglists up awhile now and I'd like to think that they've helped some people out. Granted I shall not know for a huge percentage of them because they don't follow my blog so chances are they won't see this post. But for ones that do I gather you are my followers and no doubt you on the lists!

So simple really if we my blog has bought you in any traffic just post a quick comment saying yes.

This is where I get to my rearrangement of my blog.

I thought to myself that maybe I should put the bloglists higher up for people to see. Done.

Then I thought maybe I should make them longer. Done.

Then I thought to myself as I have over 350 blogs in these lists maybe I should create a banner for people to put on there blogs. Done.
Now this is the interesting part if you head on over to here and have a read of that.

Or alternatively you can just take the code and put it on your blog to support me.

I assure you that it won't go unnoticed and anyone who does put it up should let me know and I'll give them a special mention.

Also more giveaways will be on the horizon!

Anyways thanks for reading....if you got this your committed....thanks!

Warflake out

[End Transmission] 


  1. MWC gets a little traffic from you but compared to other blogs, you are on average with giving out traffic. With that though, MWC is more of its own Hub so I suspect it brings you much more traffic :)

    Speaking of, replied to your email, we will get your logo up this week with the other Blog Rings.

    (feel free to add us to your blog roll ;P)

  2. I follow you any try to read most of your posts. But, I sm not sure if I get hits from your site. But you never know. Thanks for your support.

  3. @MWC I didn't expect you'd need much from me haha.

    @Lennon007 Thanks for reading my posts man!

  4. I dont seem to get any form you and would be interested to know if you get any hits from being on my blog exchange?

    i do follow your blog and comment as often as possible.

  5. @Vitor That I can see no, but I don't check it regular enough to really tell you. You could have at points but I get alot of traffic so it blocks out the smaller traffic sources.

    I hope that with me pulling them up to the top it will bring people to look at them a little more.

    I know that you follow me and comment pretty frequently and I really do appreciate it.

  6. I've recieved some trafic latley, reading this post I added your pic and linck to the blog.


  7. I've gotten a bit of traffic- no prob to add your banner :)

  8. This past week you managed to pull in 10 page views for my blog The Chaos Manifesto. Slowly but surely you are getting the word out there. Thanks Warflakes for the support.




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