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Monday, 8 August 2011

Making Custom Sternguard:GS Robes

So I was thinking of ways to diversify my sternguard and thought I'd try out giving them GS robes.

I'm fairly happy with the result but it's a learning process and I'm still in very early stages of my GS career so be a little nice. haha.

As I said very limited experience, only the second time I've used it, so please don't be to harsh in your critique haha.

I made a new bolter barrel as well to replace to lost one.

So let me know what you think and whether I should do this for all of them?

With some paint I'm sure it wont look nearly as bad =]



  1. My GS is probably not much better than yours so dont be to hard on yourself, I am finding GS pretty hard to master myself. I did follow a fromtehwarp tutorial on making tabards with a plastic card base which helped me get some better finishes.

  2. I think the GS looks good for beginnings. I only tried GS a few times, but only stuff like hair. Robes i feel are more challenging.

    Keep up the good work man :)




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