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Monday, 15 August 2011

Idea For Sternguard and Re-basing With Weathering Pigments....

So I've been doing alot of stripping of paint jobs and in the process the base work has gone and I thought to myself maybe this give's me an indication to start over on the bases as well.

So I will be.

I've decided that I'm going to delve into the wonderful world of weather pigments.

More specifically a muddy pigment set.

I like the look of them and I think using them to muddy up my marines would look pretty damn sweet.

Let me know if you disagree or have anything to say about them.

My main inspiration for this I will say is RedsCorps who does rather awesome work on his Red Scorpions.

Also on to the subject of my Sternguard, while I was looking on Secret Weapon Miniatures, who have great weathering pigments and washes, I saw these and thought they would be an easy and effective way of splitting my Sternguard apart.

This combined with loads of purity seals and possibly these.

Will make great ways to distinguish them.

The great thing about them also is they are very cheap.

$5 for 5 of the Helmet Crests, I'd get 10 which would be 10 plus shipping would be $13 which totals in at around £8.

If I can find similar things for cheaper I will get them.

The loin cloths are around £7 for 10 plus shipping.

Great deal.

Before I buy them I will have a quick go at sculpting them but if not then I'm pretty set on getting these.

Let me know what you think guys.


Warflake out

[End Transmission]


  1. Sounds like a plan.

    Funnily enough I was talking about Roman style marines the other day on

    I will have to find the thread so I can pass this on.

  2. Yeah please do.

    I have found cheaper helmet crests also.

    From Anvil Industry also, £2 for 5.


  3. Danny,

    I think the crests on the helmets and the loin cloths would be a great addition and if they are designed specifically to fit the space marines kits you will save yourself a lot of time by buying them.

    The #1 thing I am coming to realise about this hobby is that it is very time consuming and being strapped for time as most of us are, you have to assess whether spending 2-3 hours sculpting loin cloths and getting the shape right is worth more than the 7 pounds to just buy some that look great and fit well.

    I went through this the other day with a Land Raider conversion I was doing. To save myself 17 pounds I set to work converting up the parts for a Prometheus conversion. I got everything looking sweet but it ended up taking 6 hours of measuring, cutting gluing and finding the specific parts required. At the end of the day I could have just bought it and painted the kit to save myself the time and time = money!

    Thanks very much for the link and I am stoked you like my weathering and it is inspiring you to do some on your own guys. I think it is a great addition and it really helps tie in your models to their environments. The Secret Weapon products are great as well and what I use/recommend.

    I'm really enjoying the voyage as you continue to develop as a hobbyist.


  4. Hmm those loin cloths look like really nice!
    Think I'm gonna use that for my Black Templar update. Good luck with the conversions!

  5. I have to echo the suggestion to buy the bits. Every time I try to sculpt something that intricate, it takes a great deal of time and still doesn't look as nice as the mass-produced bits.

    I just purchased a set of the Secret Weapon weathering pigments too, and I'm looking forward to dirtying up my Executioners. I look forward to seeing how the work out for you.




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