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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Rebooting my Imperial Fists: Dreadnought

So I'd first like to start off by saying I will be carrying on with my Imperial Fists.

The pain which is yellow has not beaten me and I will prevail haha.

Also I'm going to use this as a community effort so to speak.

I know there a flaws in the model but I want you to take the time and list them out for me so I can eradicate them.

I've literally just finished painting this again and  want your feedback.

So I urge you to click the images to enlarge them and help me out with any little (or big) flaws with it.

He looks pretty good from a distance in my opinion but when you have a close look there's alot of messy paint work I would like to get rid of.

So please help me out.


Warflake out

[End Transmission]  


  1. Woo Danny!

    There's only a couple of things I would do, you've done a cracker of a job on this guy.

    1. Wash the gap again where the DCCW meets the shoulder pad on the left, make the area darker.
    2. Wash the areas either side of the sarcophagus plate on the front where the cables are, make these yellow areas dark as well.
    3. Same deal with the power plant, I'd pretty much wash everything that wasn't the two outside armour plates and leave it dark, also do the waist parts that are yellow while you are at it.
    4. Nothing else really dude, looking good!

  2. I am yellow and I shall break you!

    Seriously, it looks really good. Red has it right, you need to wash exhaust pipes and power plant a bit more and it will be aces!

  3. I'm glad you're sticking with the Fists. I'm following closely to get as many hints as possible for my own Imperial Fists force.

    Anyway, it looks mighty fine.

  4. I think the key to improving your yellow is not to apply washes over entire areas but to paint them into the recesses where you want shading, leaving your brighter yellow untouched in the raised and flat areas. This will give you the depth you're looking for while keeping the overall color the same.

    Also, I think you need to hit your metallics with a fairly heavy black wash to give them more definition.

    Finally, the red wings on the sarcophagus would benefit from careful highlights with a brighter red. This will be the trickiest part.

    He's already a good looking Dreadnought. With a bit more work, he'll be really impressive.

  5. I really like the mud effect around the feet and on the base... looks super... heck the whole base is really great looking. I'd consider cleaning up the leading edge of the base that is blow the scene but that's it really.

    I think everyone pretty much covered the targeted washes. I'd add that there is a lot of bare steel in the worn ares and no discernible rust, which might compliment the yellow.

    Otherwise the most noticeable thing is that there is a fair amount of yellow where you'd not expect to see it like on several areas of the purity seal and in the recesses on the guns.

    Looks great! I really like how rugged the pose and the extreme distressing work!

  6. Let's see. I'd start with a white primer. Paint all the metal areas black, drybrush on the metal. If it gets a bit too bright hit it with a black wash and finish with a light metallic paint.

    By now you should have some metal paint in the wrong spots. Paint that with some grey then white. Then apply thinned down golden yellow. I like about three coats on something as big as this. Use a wash only in the recessess and clean it up. Highlight everything (bleached bone works great. Paint in all other colors. I'd paint the cables on the front some nice colors to break things off.

    Now do your weathering. The base looks awesome and the mud is cool. Try using a sponge (like in a blister pack) to apply the worn metal. Put some paint on it, dab most of it away on a piece of paper and dab it repeatedly where you want stuff worn.

    I'd drybrush some black for soot in various places too. Usually looks good. If you want it to look even more weathered put a little blob of wash in the right spot and let it run down. If you can get oil colors and a thinner it's even better:)

    That's what I would do if you handed me the dread and told me to paint it :) Hope it gave you some ideas. But the best advice is a good (not too small) brush, thinned paints, and paint it neat before you weather.

    Looking forward to your next generation of Imperial Fists :)




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