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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Ironclad WIP and Sprue Terrain

Right well I got started painting up my Ironclad and figured I'd show the progress because I wanted your opinion.

If you compare it to my last Dreadnought (here) partly because on that I sprayed the yellow and this time I'm hand painting it and partly because I've gone for different scheme in places and wanted your opinion.

Then there's also something else I want your opinion on.

I've been playing around with sprue bits and figured I'd make some spikey bits for the base and wanted your opinion on them and whether I should do more?


So let me know please!


Warflake out....

[End Transmission]  


  1. Man, you are one prolific painter.
    I was just about to say something on your recent purchases, but you have already started to paint.
    I love sprue terrain, makes great broken girders or ironworks.

  2. Yeah man once I get something put together I need to paint it.
    Not necessarily well though haha.

  3. I think this job on the yellow is better than your last effort. Also sprue looks good as iron pieces although maybe you have to much on the rear of the base and nothing on the front?




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