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Monday, 29 August 2011

40k Podcasts:All The Ones I Listen To....

So I've been doing alot of painting recently and the thing that gets me through it is the podcasts I listen to along the way.

I find it a good background for me while I paint and I invite you, if you don't already to do the same and see how you go.

I will say now that some do have some bad language involved in them so if you are bothered by this let me know and I'll try to list which ones have bad language.

The only reason I say try is because I really don't notice it personally but I understand if you have children or it bothers you I will try to highlight which ones involve bad language for you.

 I'll start off with a local one.

 Great predominately 40k related podcast. No bad language as far as I'm aware.

Next up a fairly popular one
 Another predominately 40k related podcast, nice guys, again no bad language that I know of.

Next up

Mixed miniwargaming related podcasts, some bad language.

Next up

 Predominately 40k related, some bad language.

Next up

 Predominately 40k podcast, once again no bad language as far as I know, you may recognise the name as they recently did a fantastic job of covering the Nova Open.

Next up are a couple of new ones to me so not much in the way of opinion but I have enjoyed what I have heard.

 As far as I can tell predominately 40k related and no bad language.

Next up

Predominately 40k and once again no bad language as far as I know.

*New Additions*
Contributed by



*New addition*

That is all for now but if you have any you'd like to suggest to me please do and I will add them and listen to them and love you haha.

I use to just watch battle reports in the background as I'm still learning and such but now I find these to be fairly entertaining while I'm doing painting/modelling and not to much of a distraction.


Warflake out

++End Transmission++


  1. If you like to hear UK tournament reports and tactics 40KUK is very good. Imperial Vox Cast is another regular on my list. Some ones I am just getting into are Failhammer and recently resurrected 40K Warcasting. Don't want you running out of podcasts to listen to. haha.

  2. I listen to 40k for Old Men, mainly 40k but looks at other stuff as well. Sometimes there may be adult themes (such as discussing alcohol) but no bad language that I've noticed.

  3. I really enjoy listening to LaTCS, the hosts never fail to entertain :)

    I also listen quite a bit to The 11th Company.

    Thanks for listing the other podcasts man, i'll be sure to check them out too.




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