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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Saturday Post Showcase:Line Highlighting and 4chan Fluff Reading?

So this is the first real instalment of Saturday Post Showcase.

If you don't what this is check this post out.

First I'd like to say that this has been really hard to pick posts to post.

You guys make it really hard.

Starting at last Saturday:

Mordian7th posted this little WIP showcase of his Pre Heresy Thousand Sons.

There is also a great start on a Rhino up on this post also.

So go check that out.

Then Sunday:

There was an excellent post from Ron over at FTW about Basic Line Highlighting

It was a great and in-depth tutorial so check that out.

Then Monday:

Redscorps posted a couple of great pictures of his Assault Terminators.

So check that out, also check out some of his previous posts as he has been on a tear recently with his minis.

Then Tuesday:

Maz  over at Winterdyne Commisions posted up his possible Golden Demon entry Emperors Champion

Absolutely gorgeous work on that.

Then Wednesday:

White Metal Games put up some amazing conversions.

So check out this post for some great looking models they've been playing around with.

Then Thursday:

Mike Howell posted something up that just make me wet myself laughing.

So check this out for a good giggle.

Then Friday:

Skarvald the Troll Face posted up his next instalment of....

And found a pretty amazing voice talent. So check that out.

That concludes this week.

So quite a few things to keep you entertained!

Also don't forget about the forum.

I've added a couple of new sections but if you let me know anything that could be added post it up in Warflakes Q&A


Warflake out

++End Transmission++

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