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Friday, 5 August 2011

Vallejo Model Color Test....

So I tried out Vallejo Model Color the other day just because it's cheaper and I've heard good things about it.

Well my initial thought for what I could use it for was to repaint my Librarian. This is because he was originally painted yellow. I liked him like that personally but after researching fluff and such I found that actually there meant to be blue and I felt rather silly. Then I thought to myself that because the Imperial Fists don't like the Ultramarines it makes sense they would want there libby blue. 

Then I just went ahead and bought Vallejo Ultramarine Blue and did this......

I really do like the paint personally, covers brilliantly and has a good finish to it.

I also bought 2 greens for my Captains Relic Blade...

So I might just have converted to them.

Let me know your opinions on Vallejo!


Also I found out last night that I came 3rd in this guys contest. Didn't win anything, just the respect of him, him being an amazing converter, and a channel shout out! So check it out!


Captain Warflake out.


  1. I have been thinking about converting to Vallejo myself recently mainly because of the dropper system they have, I feel GW design makes you waste paint by dipping in the brush to get the paint out, you always get more than you want.

    Would you say they are as good as GW??

  2. Yeah generally I'd say its on par if not better than GW paints. Theres also things that swing me like the dropper bottle and the formula seems a little better. The thing that annoys me about GW paints is the pots mainly because they leak so easily and as you say you waste paint.

  3. Vallejo is cheaper.
    Personally, I liked it, but with my very limited painting skill, GW paints work better as they can be used out of the pot while Vallejo paints have to be watered down.
    Still, if I had skill, I would go with Vallejo.

  4. That's a fair judgement actually.
    GW paints are good for straight out of the pot without having to deal with percentages of water and such.

  5. I'd personally argue that GW paints need to be watered too, :)

    I use a mix of VMC VGC and citadel paints myself, because no range is perfect, however I do findmyself buying mostly vallejo, and only really buying foundations and washes form the citadel range anymore.

    the droppers are a godsend to me because i do always dilute my paint, and I especially love the muted militaristic colours of the VMC range, going to GW or VGC for particular colours i want highly saturated such as for gems and power weapons etc. or as highlight colours.

    I find the vallejo airbrush well too wne diluted properly, so I'm a total convert.

    I do fancy trying some reaper master series but they are hard to find in the uk.

  6. Vallejo is an excellent paint line. I would say GW trumps it only with the washes and foundation paints, but for the standard colors, Vallejo is almost always better.

    I use a mix of Reaper Mini's paints and Vallejo paints for standard colors, with Citadel Washes and foundations for the base and finish coats. Another aspect that affects my choice is the fact that the hobby shops around me don't stock standard GW paints, so I have to get Vallejo and Reaper paints for the majority of my projects.

  7. @Sunfyre. You have to check out Vallejo's Heavy Opaque range that is positioned to compete with the GW Foundry. I Love the Vallejo paints, more so than P3 and GW so far. You also get them cheaper AND get 17ml instead of the 12ml with GW so at price per mlI it's a no brainer. I also really like the Reaper Master Series too. Not as much coverage than others, but really good for blending and the triads color system they make are pure win.

    Phasing out my others paints in favor of Vallejo and Reaper. Oh, try the Secret Weapon Washes if you haven't already, huge range and good from the couple I tried so far. Will get more.




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