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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Recent Purchases....

So I headed down to Wayland Games earlier this week (man I love living near that place) and picked a Drop Pod and Ironclad Dready for around three quarters of the price which I like.

And so I've put them together so I thought I'd show you.

  I love both of these models so much.

What I didn't love was putting that Drop Pod together. Never before have I cursed so much while building something. I have rather messed it up but it's not that noticeable which is cool.

I going to be doing three so hopefully the other two aren't nearly as painful.


Warflake out....

[End Transmission]


  1. Don't worry about the droppod, the first one is always hardest!

  2. There used to be this great tutorial for assembling the drop pod, since that model is a total pain to assemble.

    This should be helpful:

    And might help as well :)




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