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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Experimenting With Weathering Powders....

So this is a super quick post but it's just to get your opinion on this weathering powder colour I just picked up.

I'm going to be basing it in this colour so keep that in mind.

More than likely without the grass.

Just a muddy looking wasteland.

I'm just not sure if it is to dark or not and whether I should opt for a lighter tone?

So this is Forge Worlds Dark Earth weathering powder and I'm not sure if having this as base colour is to to dark in comparison to the yellow I'm painting which is slightly lighter than the yellow shown above.

This mini was lucky as I was going to stripping him tonight haha.

It would be a massive help if you could give me a little advice on this one!

Also I just had a suggestion on it via facebook that maybe I could do lava streams with burnt grass.

Do you think that would go well with it?

*EDIT* After thinking long and hard about it I've decided that the mud look is maybe going out of the window.

I'm debating whether to just go with gravelly bases due to the fact they are siege specialists it seems only fitting they would be in that setting more often.

I'm just glad I haven't based them properly yet haha.

Let me know what you think of that idea?


Warflake out

++End Transmission++

1 comment:

  1. I'd go with the muddy wasteland instead of the lava theme and have them knees deep into it. Having the Fist to protect the front line of a centuries old warfare battlement that's been going for so long that the ground as been turn into continuous trench warfare.

    I would reduce the grass to fit 1/10 of the base and have it mix with mud of dark clay color... Keep it dark but hade shade of lighter brown/grey to the lower boots to represent fresh mud with darker spot to the external area to make it look like it's been stuck there since the beginning of the conflict.

    Top torso would be cleaner due to continuous rain but boots and hands to be full of dirt (Simple mud splatter effect over each other from different time).

    Think gas and oil petroleum warfare setting.




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