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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Help With Basing...Part 2

Right well I got a massive response on this.

And now I'm in the position where I don't know which method to choose haha.

So I'll break it down to a couple of choices.

We have the Gale Force 9, which personally I like because it's fairly cheap and would give a pretty cool effect with the Urban Rubble kit and maybe some drybrushed sand.

Next we have using cork, now this is interesting to me but I'm not sure where I can this cheap in the UK? I did a quick search online and it may be cheaper to go the Gale Force 9 route. But considering how much you get it may not.

If someone could point me in the direction on a good tutorial using cork for basing I would really appreciate it.

Then there is the idea of using broken slate with putty raising it, I like this but I'm not sure I trust my putty skills to make it look natural enough.

I would also more than likely add bits from my bits box in places as well.  

Just wanted to ask which you thinks the best method?  Judging on how good it looks and how easy it is to achieve. They would all cost relatively the same price so that doesn't matter.

So if you could answer me that I would appreciate it!

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Warflake out

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  1. Cork can be found at a local craft store where they have posterboard (foamcore). usuall in a package of 4 squares for hobby projects.


    Hontesly from what you describe, look at the GW 40K basing kit. Gives you little tubs of different sized slate, some brass etch stuff, and small bits and helmets with bullet holes in them and such. Depends how many bases you need. I made up 20 of them with plenty of slate left and made resin casts of them to use for the rest of my army.


    Didn't watch it Because it's late, but I looked good >_<

    And some amazon stuff

    I would do the GF9 but I'm

  3. I've never worked with cork, so I can't give you any advice on that. As far as the slate goes, I think putty was used on the second miniature but not the first. You can definitely make slate bases by gluing it directly to the base.

    I would suggest picking up a bit of each material, crushing it into the right size pieces, and experimenting a bit. Cork coasters should just be a couple bucks, and you may be able to get some cork for free if you know any wine drinkers. A slate tile is only a few dollars at a home improvement store, and you can break it up into whatever sizes you need. Get some modelling sand, and I'm sure you can get the style of bases you want from some combination of those.

    A quick note on sand. It's the one thing I actually suggest buying from a hobby supplier. Modelling sand has grains of several sizes in it, as well as small gravel. The variation makes it look much better on the model. I've tried just using sandbox or beach sand, but it tends to be too fine grain and homogenous.

  4. Here's a tutorial from our blog:




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