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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Should GW stock Forge World?

So I've seen a few videos and a couple of people bringing it up since Games Day about how the lines were ridiculous purely because people wanted Forge World. I look at the line and even joined it a couple of times to later think better of it and decided to leave it. Which I think a few people did.

So this does beg the question of whether they should stock Forge World so that it is more easily accessible for people to pick up.

I just watched a video where the guy had sent a letter to Mark Wells asking whether this was possible and he got a response of no because they had apparently already tried that a few years back and they didn't sell the stock.

I think that this is most probably true but I also think that if they tried it again it would be popular. I think that since they tried it last time FW has grown alot and people really want there stuff. I think this is mainly due to people wanting Pre Heresy themed armies due to Black Librarys Horus Heresy books, which they do stock.

I'm interested in what you think about this as I know that if it was in front of me I'm more likely to buy it.

It would eliminate shipping charges which I'm sure people like alot.

Another thing I think would be good is if independent retailers could stock them which I'm sure that a big percentage of them would if they were given the chance to.

Let me know your thoughts and if by any chance you are a retailer if you would be interested in stocking Forge World if you could.

I would also like to say I commend Mark Wells for responding to the guys letter.

One thing that was bought up was the packaging. Being that the presentation right now is just a bag how could they get around that without boosting the price more?

Also bought up is if they could use there ordering service in store to order FW bits to be sent to the store as they do with there own products if it's not in stock.

This way no extra packaging needed and people wouldn't have to pay shipping also.

Warflake Out.

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  1. Difficult question that. Compared to GW kits available in store the presentation is pretty poor. don't know if GW would really want various plastic bags hanging up taking up shelf space. You can't really see what you are getting. They'd probably want to put it in brand new packaging and that means even more money on the retail price.

    One thought I'd have would be to put assembled models on display in store with "take to till" cards to get your bag of resin goodies. Also bear in mind a lot of FW's kits are GW boxes plus conversion kits (eg Ork half trak).

    I love my FW goodies and am actually disappointed that a lot of the stuff I want is out of stock or temporarily discontinued (spaced armour for Rhinos :/ ) Still will be ordering more soon, really fancy setting up a few Elysians.

  2. You make a really good point! The presentation would increase price.

    I think your idea of there stuff on display would help also.

    I think it's a very difficult question but one I'm interested in.

  3. It doesn't even need to really be presented in the same way as other GW products. Instead of trying to have stock available locally in stores, what about an electronic catalog that makes it possible for people to order *at will* parts from Forgeworld and have it delivered to that store.

    Something similar to how Fantasy Flight Games does their converted iPads alongside their games in local stores. The videos go through 'how-to' on their games, previews, news feed, ect.

    GW can put up battle reports, digital catalogs, video blogs, and a good number of other options. Can be a tool to get vets and new comers a like into wargaming.

  4. GW could do ship to store with their direct kiosks for Forgeworld stuff. They could also display some pieces and have signage pointing to the website but I do not think they should stock it in the store. You have to remember that Forgeworld is a seperate division with pretty low volumes. All GW side stuff(FW, Black Library, etc) was like 12M last year just putting any worthwhile level stock into GW stores would cause problems. Look at the problem GW had getting quality Resin at store stocking levels with finecast.

    Another issue is that GW retail gets their kits from production at like 40% of MSRP. I am not sure if forgeworld would want to transfer that much of the income to retail for kits sold. GW plastic kits are low cost/mass production items where production can make serious money selling them to retail at 40% MSRP. Forgeworld kits are not low cost/mass production items. They have a hard time keeping up with demand now. Every time they stock the Epic Warhound set it sells out in like 1 hour.

  5. At this point, all GW stores in my area have a computer kiosk, and one can access FW on it along with the GW site. The only problem is that no store other than the battle bunker has the ability to actually order FW products, and they only do it at a certain time each month.

    Personally, I'd be happy to have a display of 'New and Popular' FW items in a section of a display case in each shop with laminated 'Take to the Register' cards for said product. Of course, customers can also order other FW products at the register, but that's just to make it easier.

  6. The presentation as said above would be lacking not to mention it would take up a vast amount of shelf space.Usually people buy one or two random things from FW at a time. So you would have to have the entire line at the store to even make it remotely useful for people. I don't think they would move enough product on a regular basis to make the commitment worth it. I think having the ability to order it and have it shipped free to the store though would be a good move. People would do that to save on shipping and it would be one more draw for the location.




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