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Sunday 25 March 2012

Happy Birthday To Me....

So it's my 22nd birthday today and I'm already feeling like an old man, I'm sure some of you will laugh at that.

I gave my family some idea of what to get me, underwear and 40k, they did an awesome job. First of all I received a Grey Knight Dreadknight from the girlfriend and was over the moon with that and she also got me some shelves for my workspace as it is getting a mess. We share money so I didn't expect a great deal because I spend enough myself.

Then when it came to my family I first got a couple of Necron bits. Being that all I told them was what armies I was playing they did really well. I got myself two Ghost Arks and a Necron Lord. Theyt also got me a couple of Space Marine bits, a Landspeeder and a Vindicator.

Lastly I got myself a few other Grey knight bits which should give me some interesting stuff to play with after giving the codex a look through. I got myself a Castellan Crowe and a squad of Terminators, I also got a bottle of Vallejo water effects which is related to the Grey Knights due to me getting the idea for that from the interceptors I won.

I've got myself a few projects then. I may be asking advice on how to equip some of the Grey Knight stuff. I already have the idea that I want to equip my Dreadknight with a Greatsword and Incinerator. I've nearly finished my Crimson Fists now and am just adding to that army now to get some variety hence why I'm hitting the Necrons and Grey Knights now.

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Warflake Out


  1. Just wait until you start seeing your shows you used to watch in your teens on the 'classics' networks of TV. That is when you can officially start feeling old. Until then, grats on the haul this year.

  2. Something to look forward to then haha. Thanks very much.

  3. Happy birthday mate, you got the same birthday date as me, except I was 40!

  4. Happy Birthday! Looks like you got a fair amount of miniatures to keep you busy, and a more organized hobby area is always welcome.

    I'm only 28 and shows I watched as a kid are already showing up on classic networks. There should be a law requiring the show to be off the air for at least 20 years...

  5. Belated happy birthday fella, hope you had a good one. So you just turned 22? Man I feel old O_O




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